Functional Speech and Language Services


Treating a full range of speech, language & cognitive disorders


A speech-language evaluation includes a combination of standardized assessments, clinical observations, and client/ family interviews to identify the "big picture" and help direct treatment to the most important areas of challenge.  Evaluations are typically one hour in length and end with a review of general skills, strengths and areas of potential improvement as well as recommendations for future therapy, including frequency of therapy visits.

Functional treatment in clinic, home and community

The ultimate goal of participating in speech-language therapy is to either regain abilities and/or learn to use new strategies/ systems to compensate for changes in function.  Sessions are personalized to an individual’s needs and interests and often include training within the home, place of employment, school setting or general community.  In addition, treatment may also include setting up home programs, advocating for resources, and educating those who provide support to the individual, such as family, employers and medical providers so that skills can be maintained over time.